The Brighton Beezer

A new, free newspaper made by people in Brighton & Hove is launching this summer.

But The Brighton Beezer is a newspaper with a difference: we won’t carry traditional news – we’ll only publish stories about local people.

Everyone in Brighton & Hove deserves a voice: the locals who’ve been here for generations, the out-of-towners who move to the coast in search of a dream, the students who roam up and down Lewes Road and the people who have no place to call home.

Everyone has a story. Everyone is newsworthy. And The Brighton Beezer will be where you can read the stories and hear the voices of the people who make up our community. The Brighton Beezer is the paper where you can tell your story, too. Everyone is welcome.

Our aim is to give a voice to our community and we believe newsprint is best medium to do this: we want people to be excited about picking up a newspaper again.

We’ll be distributed for free across the city in our (plentiful) pubs, bars and independent shops, and every month stories from our community will be available to over 55,000 people.

Join us. Be part of something new, different and special. Be part of change and recording our stories for generations to come. Let’s bring newsprint back and let’s do it together.

We can’t wait to hear your story, too.

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